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Welcome to Your Recovery Minute

Welcome to Your Recovery Minute, a 60-second daily video delivered to your email featuring a recovery message that is both motivational and inspirational.  Your host is John Geenen, a Minneapolis based motivational speaker.

The focus of John’s daily video message is that today’s world is a confusing place to work and live and that working the program and belief in a Higher Power are the essential ingredients to leading a positive, meaningful life in addiction recovery.

Delivered each morning, John’s videos provide reassurance and comfort to help start your day.

The idea of producing a daily recovery message is the natural outgrowth of John’s activities as a motivational speaker.

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The daily Your Recovery Minute videos carry a message of positive thinking. They promote the idea that a positive outlook on life can change the way we see the world and by doing so we can change our lives forever.

When you support John on Patreon or subscribe to Your Recovery Minute on YouTube you help him spread his message of positive thinking.

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