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About John Geenen

John Geenen is your host for the Your Recovery Minute daily videos. As a “Dead Ringer” for one of the most recognized movie actors in the world, John is hard to ignore. But behind the raised eyebrows and iconic smile, there is much more.

John has checked off many items on his bucket list. Among them are catholic monk, hippie, major market radio personality, stand-up comedian, television host and producer, financial advisor, financial author, dynamic motivational speaker, and a 31-year member of the AA program.

After leaving the monastery and his vow of silence behind, John rotated 180 degrees in his desire to bring joy, insight, and hope through the gift of speech as a motivational speaker. John speaks to audiences throughout the United States by delivering the powerful motivational message that if you “change your thinking you can change your life”. His website is

John realizes that today’s world is a confusing place to work and live.  He feels that the Your Recovery Minute videos can be an additional daily confirmation that recovery is a one day at a time activity and that a Higher Power is indeed in our lives, that He cares, He hears our prayers and that He deserves our trust.

The idea of producing a daily recovery video message is the natural outgrowth of John’s cumulative background and the gifts he has been given which are to be shared.

John says that being the host of Your Recovery Minute videos, a motivational speaker, author and celebrity impersonator is about “As Good As It Gets.”

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Your Recovery Minute’s daily videos carry a message of positive thinking. They promote the idea that a positive outlook on life can change the way we see the world and by doing so we can change our lives forever.

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